Malcolm Turnbull faces fresh leak after calling China a ‘frenemy’

Malcolm Turnbull faces fresh leak after calling China a ‘frenemy’

Malcolm Turnbull faces fresh leak after calling China a ‘frenemy’

MALCOLM Turnbull would have called China “frénemie” Australia at a public event in Sydney.
The report comes a day after the appearance of US President Donald Trump’s “off-the-record” mime appearance in Parliament’s assembly hall from noon to noon.

Mr. Turnbull commented on China at a public event in Sydney last October, Fairfax Media reported today.

It was revealed today amid growing concern about China’s influence on Australian politics and a series of tougher public comments by the prime minister on the Asian giant in recent weeks.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is shown with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang would have called China “frénemie” Australia at a public event in Sydney. Image: AAP

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who is shown with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang would have called China “frénemie” Australia at a public event in Sydney. Image: AAPSource: AAP

The comment, which means that someone who seems to be out in favor despite the underlying rivalry to a scenario would not be observation made in a pre-dinner drink session.

“You mean our friend-foe,” said Mr. Turnbull when the issue of the militarization of Beijing’s artificial islands in the South China Sea rose in the event.
It is taken as another sign that the position of the Australian government in China is stronger.

The Office of the Prime Minister has not commented on its use of the word “friend-enemy”.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during a game of the Australian Football Federation earlier this year.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during a game of the Australian Football Federation earlier this year.

Last month, Mr. Turnbull used an important speech at the Shangri La Security Summit in Singapore to warn China against the intimidation of its smaller neighbors.

“A coercive China found its neighbors feel of applications that give up their autonomy and strategic space, and try to counter Beijing to strengthen alliances and partnerships between them and especially with the United States,” said M. Turnbull.

He also commented on the conflict in the South China Sea, saying: “Maintaining the rule of law in our region, respect for the sovereignty of nations large and small is the key to peace and continued stability.”

Malcolm Turnbull is also facing a backlash over his identity Donald Trump. Image: Kym Smith
Malcolm Turnbull is also facing a backlash over his identity Donald Trump. Image: Kym SmithSource: News Corp Australia

Meanwhile, Beijing has responded to recent reports of China’s influence on Australian politics with scorn.
Chinese Ambassador to Australia, Cheng Jingye, said yesterday that the report had been “made in the air.”

“I have heard these accusations more than once since I was assigned here – in Chinese, we call it cooked rice during the night, which means repeating the same things over and over,” said M. Cheng at a Business Council event Australia-China in Parliament.

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye reacted angrily to statements about China’s influence on Australian politics.

Chinese Ambassador to Australia Cheng Jingye reacted angrily to statements about China’s influence on Australian politics.

“Perhaps the producers of the program believe that these baseless accusations can prove the truth after being repeated several times.

“Those who made these accusations really have an imagination that is wild and morbid.”

ISIS Chief Baghdadi May Have Died, Claims Russian Military

ISIS Chief Baghdadi May Have Died, Claims Russian Military

ISIS Chief Baghdadi May Have Died, Claims Russian Military

MOSCOW: Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Thursday it was reviewing the news that a Russian air strike near the Syrian city of Raqqa could have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in late May.

The air strike was launched after Russian forces in Syria have received reports that a meeting of ISIS leaders was planned, the ministry said in a statement on its Facebook page.

“On May 28, after the drones were used to confirm information about the place and time of the meeting of ISIS leaders, between twelve and thirty-five ET in the 1930s, Russian air forces They launched a strike at the command post where the leaders were, “the statement said.

“According to the information currently verified through various channels, also present at the meeting, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been eliminated as a result of the strike,” the ministry said.

The US-led coalition against ISIS said it could not confirm the Russian report that Baghdadi might have died.

The strike killed several leaders of the group, and about 30 field commanders and up to 300 of their guards, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

ISIS leaders gathered at the command center in a suburb south of Raqqa to discuss possible forms of city retirement activists, according to the statement.

The United States were informed about the time and place of the strike, said the Russian army.

ISIS fighters are close to defeat in the two thousand capitals of the group’s territory, Mosul, in Iraq and in Syria Raqqa.

Russian forces support the Syrian government that are fighting ISIS primarily from the west, while a US-led coalition supports Iraqi government forces fighting ISIS.

The latest public video shows Baghdadi dressed in clerical clothes declaring his clandestine caliphate from the pulpit of the medieval mosque Grand Nuri al-Mosul in 2014.

Born Ibrahim al-Samarrai, Iraqi Baghdadi is a 46-year-old who quit Al Qaeda in 2013, two years after the capture and death of Oussama bin Laden’s group chief.

Rami Abdulrahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, questioned the report that Baghdadi might have died.

He said that according to his information, Baghdadi was in another part of Syria at the end of May.

“The information is that at the end of last month, Baghdadi was in Deir al-Zor, in the region between Deir al-Zor and Iraq in Syrian territory,” he said by telephone.

As for what Baghdadi would have done in this place, he told them: “Is it reasonable that Baghdadi stands between the sword and the wall in the coalition (United States) and Russia?”

China’s disturbing wedding trend of groomsmen assaulting bridesmaids

China's disturbing wedding trend of groomsmen assaulting bridesmaids

China’s disturbing wedding trend of groomsmen assaulting bridesmaids

Teasing the bride and groom on their wedding day is part of the Chinese wedding custom. However, in recent years this custom has been distorted alarmingly in mainland China to include sexual abuse of the godfathers of honor.

The trend is the center of attention thanks to two recent cases. The first is a viral video that circulates on social networks in China.

The video shows a small bridesmaid and sexually assaulted by two men in a car in Xi’an city. The woman screams and struggles as the two men forcefully abduct her underwear, laugh and order her to “make sexual noises.”
The video was uploaded on social networks June 8 and became viral. Two days later, on June 10, Xi’an police took custody of 19 and 21; The victim, however, said he did not pursue the case against them.

Very often, bridesmaids refrain from reporting abuse to the police because they do not want to “stain” their best friend’s wedding with a criminal investigation.

In addition, it is likely that wedding grooms or wedding guests would defend the assault by claiming that it was part of the Chinese custom of “naohun” – which literally means “to turbulence during a wedding.”

However, the concept of bridesmaids is very Western, not Chinese. If you look closely at the Chinese custom of the wedding, the Chinese bride is assisted by a “wedding master” who is supposed to know all the ritualistic etiquette. Marriage was mainly settled in China until the end of 1900.

It is customary for wedding guests to force the groom to drink, as well as taunts the bride to “stimulate” their first night together. In some areas, wealthy families hired prostitutes to entertain guests, but it was not part of the usual practice.

But now the “naohun” custom has somehow provided an excuse for sexual assault and harassment at the wedding.

“One of the high-risk functions – sexual harassment, rape, and now death”
Another recent case of “naohun” led to worrying extremes ended in tragedy on June 13 in Guangzhou with the death of one of the bridesmaids.

According to reports by local press after the godfathers presented the usual red gift package for the bride’s family, the family reportedly opened the door.

The men ran and chased the brides who ran up to hide. One of the bridesmaids, who are hidden on the fourth floor, died when she fell from a balcony.

Although the case is still under study, users could not help the association of death of the maid of honor “naohun.” Here are some comments in an article on China’s Weibo social media platform:

The maid of honor is a high risk factor – sexual harassment, rape and death now.

Accident? How could he fall if no one pushed? Is sexual harassment and breasts groping not enough? If the custom is so vulgar and night in the life of the people, the government must intervene.

For the victim, to find complicated justice
As for viral video, the media and Internet users affiliated to the State sentenced the two men who attacked the woman.

But after the local news have reported that the lady had forgiven the two men because they were known, some have directed their anger against the lady:

We believe that the maid of honor was intimidated and closed the men online, since she does not want to continue with the matter.

Some were more sympathetic about the maid’s decision. Weibo user “I love Google”, commented a current topic:

Do you want to know why the victim does not want to continue with the matter? Because they have an affiliation with relatives. On the other hand had to mobilize social pressure, accusing the victim to make them lose face and she could not stay in the local community if the case continued.
However, the case is criminal. Even if the victim does not want to prosecute, they can file charges. Police and prosecutors must do their duty.

How To Clear NEET 2018 In First Attempt Without Coaching


National Entry Sperm Eligibility Test or NEET UG has been designed for admission to an undergraduate (MBBS / BDS) or graduate (MD / MS) degree. The test is carried out by CBSE (Central Council for Secondary Education).

The test was introduced in replacement of All India Premedical Test. The review was introduced in 2012, but was postponed for one year. The examination took place on 5 May 2013 for the first time.

The board exams will end soon, students must be in the hex and under pressure to choose going. Not only the board of students, people who want to pursue their higher education. It is never an easy task to decide on his career. It is normal to panic a little. Give yourself some time. Explore the options. Find out what your strength is and what your weakness is. Once you have done that. All that remains is to prepare for the competitive exam is done for the course you want to pursue your career. Make it harder to say. Of course it is, but hey! No one said it was impossible.

No matter how many books you read. As soon as the exams approach, there is a blow “examophobia” that develops in our minds and continues to accumulate. You study every day in a row, but it seems impossible to even go to the bathroom which is right next door. These words will look you back as if you really had insulted the book just catching it. All you want is a little boost to your confidence. Without preoccupations! We bring you everything you need to increase your confidence. If you feel stressed, lack of motivation, our encouraging words will keep that spark in you on. Here are some useful tips for you to add to your schedule. First, let’s start with some general tips that you can follow all the latest tips and are designed specifically for people who are preparing for the NEET exam.


What time is it?

Every time you practice your simulation test. Choose a time interval according to the exam time. For example, if the exam is done between 22:00 and 13:00. Then, self-drive a test during this time so that you can familiarize yourself with the atmosphere of this time and time. It is helpful that you get some kind of idea on how to complete your exam as if that actually happened. You must have heard about the method that works in movies that actors adopt to have the impression of their characters. For example, if the character’s story is based on a young boy from the village. Actors just to feel the atmosphere of the village slife in the villages in order to feel the atmosphere of rural life. That’s what you need to do. Feel exactly like your session for the exam. Keep your gadgets away from you. Take a bottle of water because it is only material that you can carry on examination, keep a sheet of paper with you. Imagine that this is your admission card. Make your parents your supervisor. Yeah! We agree that they could take it seriously and will not even let you go into the toilet. Obviously, they are much better actors than all of us. It helps a lot of people. Do it and spread the word if you like it …

SpaceX’s Mars colony plan: How Elon Musk plans to build a million-person city

SpaceX's Mars colony plan: How Elon Musk plans to build a million-person city

SpaceX’s Mars colony plan: How Elon Musk plans to build a million-person city

SpaceX’s billionaire founder and CEO simply published the plan, which was unveiled at a conference in Mexico in September 2016 in the newspaper Nuevo Espacio.

The commentary on musk, titled “Making Species Humanity Multi-planetary”, is available on the New Space website until July 5.

“In my opinion, the publication of this paper not only provides an opportunity for the space community to read the printed vision SpaceX with all the tables of context, but also serves as a valuable reference for archival studies and future planning, New Space Editor, Chief (and former “NASA Czar”) Scott Hubbard wrote in a statement. [SpaceX Interplanetary for Mars Images]

The vision of Mars Musk focuses on a reusable rocket combo and spacecraft which it called interplanetary transport system (ITS).

The amplifier and spacecraft will be powered by the Raptor SpaceX engine, still under development, including musk says it is approximately three times stronger than Merlin engines than the power of the Falcon 9 rocket company.

The amplifier, with its 42 Raptors will be the most powerful rocket in history, for the moment. It will be able to launch 300 tons (330 tons) in low Earth orbit (LEO) or 550 tons (600 tons) in a consumable variant, said musk. By way of comparison, NASA’s famous Saturn V rocket, the current record holder, could have ‘only’ 135 tons (150 tons).

Its launch spacecraft rocket into Earth orbit, then down to a specific landing about 20 minutes later. And “point” is not a hyperbole: “With the addition of maneuver propellers, we believe we can reintroduce the media on the launch pad,” musk wrote in his new space article, citing Falcon landings first stage 9 more precisely SpaceX .

Elon Musk reveals the video of the underground gallery at high speed
Play video
Elon Musk reveals the video of the underground gallery at high speed
Throwing propellers many spacecraft and tankers (which complement spacecraft tanks in orbit) during their life; The rockets will be designed to fly about 1,000 times each, musk wrote.

The spacecraft, meanwhile, will be in charge of orbit, then leave in mass when the Earth and Mars will be aligned favorably. This happens once every 26 months.

Lastly, musk wrote, which plans 1000 or more SU spacecrafts, each with 100 or more people, leaving Earth orbit in each of these windows on Mars. The architecture could design 1 million people to Mars in the next 50 to 100 years, he said.

The ships would also fly to Mars using its new Raptor engines and methane produced from propellant on Mars.

Each ETI boat could probably make 12 to 15 deep trips during its operative life, musk wrote, and each oil could probably fly in orbit the Earth 100 times.

Reuse of STIs is essential to make Mars colonization affordable. This reuse – in combination with other measures such as ground-based spacecraft refueling and propeller-making on Mars – could bring the price of a red-planet discovery to $ 200,000 or more per person, an estimated $ 10 billion Using conventional space flight systems, says musk.

His spacecraft would start flying to Mars in about 10 years, if all goes well, said musk. However, he acknowledged that success is not guaranteed.

“There are a lot of risks. It’s going to cost a lot,” musk wrote. “There are good chances that we did not succeed, but we will do our best and try to make progress as much as possible.”

SpaceX and the history of overcoming adverse weather forecasts. When Musk founded the company in 2002, he wrote: “I thought I had maybe 10 percent chance of doing anything – even an orbiting rocket, let alone going beyond March and taking it seriously.”

Chinese astronomy satellite placed into orbit by Long March rocket

Chinese astronomy satellite placed into orbit by Long March rocket

Chinese astronomy satellite placed into orbit by Long March rocket

China’s first X-ray astronomy satellite was launched Thursday on a study mission in the Milky Way galaxy of black holes and pulsars, remains left behind by a star burning its nuclear fuel.

The hard X-ray modulation telescope also detect gamma-ray bursts, the most violent explosions in the universe and try to help astronomers connect gravitational wave bursts, visible waves through the cosmos generated by catastrophic events such as supernova explosions And black hole fusions.

The renowned orbiting X-ray observatory or Huiyan Insight after launch on Thursday is the first Chinese space telescope and the second space mission dedicated to astronomy after a Chinese particle physical probe was sent orbit in 2015 to look for signs Of dark matter.

“Prior to commissioning, only used observational data from foreign satellites could be used,” said Xiong Shaolin, a scientist at the Institute of High Energy Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. “It was very difficult for Chinese astronomers to make the important results without our own instruments.”

“The only way to make original creations is to build our own observational instruments,” Xiong said in a report published by the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

“Now, Chinese scientists have created this space telescope with its many unique advantages, and it is quite possible to discover new phenomena, strange and unexpected in the universe.”

The X-ray telescope was launched Thursday at 0300 GMT (1100 EDT Wednesday) aboard a rocket from the main market 4B of the Jiuquan space center in the Gobi desert in northwest China. The takeoff took place at 11 am Thursday, Beijing time.

The three-stage Long March 4B amplifier powered by hydrazine produced the Huiyan telescope in a 335-mile-high orbit (540 km) inclined at 43 degrees to the equator, according to tracking data released by the Army of U.S. It is very close to the planned orbit of X-ray telescope

Ground controllers plan to activate and test the observatory over the next five months to enter service later this year, fulfilling a mission first proposed by Chinese scientists in 1994 and officially approved by the Chinese government in 2011, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Artistic conception of Hard X-ray modulation China Telescope. Credit: Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Huiyan 5500 pound (2500 kg) spacecraft is designed for the four-year mission.

Its three X-ray instruments, ordered to observe low-, medium- and high-energy X-rays, are sensitive to 1,000 to 250,000 volts of electrons, an energy range spanning the energy of a medical x-ray.

The Earth’s atmosphere absorbs light signals to X-rays, so astronomers have to build and launch satellites for work.

X-ray observers are especially suitable for studies of black holes and neutron stars, two types of denser objects in the universe created after supernovae, explosions at the end of a star’s life.

Unlike the X-ray telescopes launched by NASA and the European Space Agency, the Chinese Huiyan mission uses grazing mirrors, which must be extremely thin to reflect high-frequency X-ray waves.

Chinese officials said they do not have the skills to build these kind of flat mirrors, so scientists have developed a backup plan that does not depend on traditional imagery.

The method of observation, called demodulation, “can help reconstruct the image of X-ray sources using data from detectors without relatively simple imaging, such as a” collimator “telescope that collects and stores X-ray photons Parallel to a specified address, “Xinhua said.

Scientists said the Chinese X-ray telescope might observe brighter than other X-ray missile targets because the method of diffusive demodulation of other X-ray telescopes reflect and focus X-ray photons on detectors.