About Y-Enterprise

The City of Yonkers Department of Planning and Development established the Y- Enterprise program to attract and nurture the growth of emerging businesses in the city's revitalized waterfront area. Yonkers is a city on the rise with a rich and dynamic history of innovation that has produced many fast-growing firms. Currently Domino Sugar and Consumers Union (Consumer Reports) are among the 10,000 businesses that call Yonkers home. The city has been the birthplace of many technological advances from the Otis elevator that made skyscrapers possible to FM radio and the aerosol spray can. Through the Y-Enterprise program, the city aims to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

Y-Enterprise Business Center
The core of the Y-Enterprise program is a vibrant, full-service, 8,000-square-foot office center, the Y-Enterprise Business Center, located in i-Park on Hudson. The Y- Enterprise Business Center will provide tenants with large fully-functional workspaces, administrative staffing, conference facilities, and access to business opportunities within the Yonkers/Westchester business community. The Y-Enterprise Business Center is in the heart of downtown Yonkers, just steps from the newly renovated rail station and overlooking the Hudson River. Midtown Manhattan is just 30 minutes away via Metro-North. Rents for the Y-Enterprise Business center will range from $500 to $2,500 depending on a company's space requirements.

Y-Enterprise: A Three-Tier Program
Businesses that are eligible to apply for space within the Y-Enterprise Business Center range from one-person start-ups to growing companies with up to eight employees. Through the Y-Enterprise initiative the city also seeks to meet the needs of fast-growing companies whose office requirements go beyond the Y-Enterprise Business Center.

To best support the range of specialized needs of each type of business, the Y- Enterprise program is structured into the following three tiers:

Y-Innovate -- For entrepreneurs in the start-up or proof of concept phase who have only one to two employees. Y-Innovate companies which are accepted into the Y- Enterprise program have access to the following:

Y-Accelerate -- For entrepreneurs seeking to expand their customer bases and who employ from two to eight people. Y-Accelerate companies in the Y-Enterprise program enjoy the following benefits:

Y-Expansion -- For entrepreneurs whose companies are at the expansion stage and require larger, customized office space. The Y-Enterprise program offers Y-Expansion companies the following benefits to help support their growth:

Apply for Y-Enterprise
All applications must be submitted online. All applications will be screened and reviewed by the Center Advisor. Qualified applicants will then be reviewed by a four-member Y-Enterprise Business Center Committee, which will have final approval over which businesses will be admitted to the Y-Enterprise program.

Contact for Additional Information
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