As America’s Trapped In Ideological Civil War, China Advances Economy

As America's Trapped In Ideological Civil War, China Advances Economy

As America’s Trapped In Ideological Civil War, China Advances Economy

While the United States engage in an ideological civil war over the role of government in the economy, China has continued to advance its economy under a stable, yet authoritarian, regime.

Many analysts have pointed out that China has the opportunity to become a world leader on several fronts: economy, international relations, environment, while America’s legislative power stops and legislation adopted in the United States and China ended when The president assumed the position Trump could not throw it in a more pronounced relief.

America, polarized and paralyzed

Economically, the United States divides itself into supporters of Trump, who advocate privatization of markets and public goods, including national monuments, Medicare air traffic control and infrastructure.

Trump supporters also support policies that focus on reducing trade and redistributing jobs. On the other hand, Trump opponents, who support accessible medical care, free trade, environmental protection, the creation of jobs in the “green” sector. Donald Trump has acted as a flash of this polarization controversy, which resulted in national legislative congestion and discontent.

How many types of trade, after all, was adopted during the Trump government? Nothing is really meaningful.

Trump has issued executive orders that have an impact on the economy, including a countervailing duty order, which were implemented in Chinese steel imports last year, one can afford offshore drilling and an order for the government to United States to buy and hire more American workers and products. None of these are considered important, which would require the approval of the Legislature.

China, loading speed

But Trump since the opening date of January 20 this year, the various departments of the Chinese government have passed hundreds of minor measures and several major economic measures, including measures to be a major financing to promote services exports Of high value added, that regulate the management of dangerous assets, changing the evaluation of the exchange rate, the strengthening of policies of excess capacity and the reform of public companies, among others.

These are the major and economic changes that reflect China’s determination to restructure its economy while controlling risk. In addition, the policy of A strap of a China road, which aims to build infrastructure in Europe, Asia and Africa will have a significant economic impact in China and the world, the United States plays a supporting role rather than leader. …………………………………….. ….

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