Chinese court sentences fugitive tycoon’s staff to prison

Chinese court sentences fugitive tycoon's staff to prison

Chinese court sentences fugitive tycoon’s staff to prison

A court in north China Friday condemned three employees working for billionaire fugitive property Guo Wengui, who has been caught in a political rivalry with the Communist Party in power.

The Dalian Xigang People’s Court announced prison terms of less than three years for employees who prosecutors said they had been ordered by Guo forgery of financial documents to obtain loans from a state bank. Two employees were sentenced to suspended terms, which means they can not exceed the last hours behind bars, while Beijing development company, Beijing Pangu Investment Co., also received a fine of 36 million.

The case has not called Guo as a defendant, but Chinese authorities have stepped up pressure against the runaway tyrant who vowed to expose sensitive information about key party officials unless government communications employees and family members in China .

Dalian The case was the first criminal case against Guo companies since China filed a motion in April with Interpol with a “red notice” for its worldwide detention. Chinese officials have indirectly accused Guo of a long list of alleged crimes, including conspiracy for superior intelligence to criticize a Beijing city official who had blocked a Pangu development project.

Guo, named Miles Kwok, fled China and now lives in a $ 68 million apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. He is a member of the Sea-to-Lake President station of Donald Trump Florida.

He cultivated a vast social media monitoring and made sensational, if not largely proven, accusations against his enemies and senior officials who direct journalists against the corruption of the watch party that investigated China abroad, which he said, Are part of a Chinese espionage network.

At the heart of Guo allegations, there have been allegations of misconduct and links between the family of permanent member of the Politburo Standing Committee Wang Qishan and the HNA Group, the conglomerate behind Hainan Airlines has closed a series of catchy acquisitions throughout the world. HNA announced Thursday it has filed a defamation suit against Guo.

In recent weeks, Guo has publicly suggested that he was in communication with senior party officials and found that his family members are allowed to leave China to visit briefly in New York, and noted that negotiations could be underway to put End to stagnation. Meanwhile, David Bies has been hired to represent him.

It is unclear whether Guo will continue its daily flow of revelations on YouTube and Twitter after the resolution of the Dalian case. He did not immediately respond to a request for commentary on the phrases, or under what conditions he would consider his fight with the party as a whole. Guo told the AP recently that his main goal was to get the release of his family and employees and identify their strengths in China – not to campaign to undermine the Communist Party.

In a report on the issue of Dalian, the official Xinhua news agency said investigators suspect other companies related to corruption, embezzlement, illegal detention and forced transactions, suggesting that the government collected additional evidence and could still File cases against other companies Guo.

Dalian verdict came shortly before Guo did an interview with a Chinese-language online media company based in New York, which had promised earlier, contains new explosive revelations.

In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff

In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff

In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff

At 20 hours. One night earlier this week, in a dark campus without an option to take a snack after night study, Wei Li, a computer science specialization at Hefei University, saw a breakthrough of the future of the sale retail.

Parked with a large open plaza on campus was a vehicle like a bus. With its floor to ceiling glass front, you can see stacked shelves with red boxes.

At the entrance, Wei Li has come a QR code using his iPhone. A glass door opened, and he entered a store with no money or personal cash.

A holographic human face with a calm expression and splashes of good cut greeted. There was no sound, only a movement of the face from side to side.

Li said he was impressed with the range of products sold there are: fruit, chips, coffee, magazines and even shoes, each with a barcode package. He liked the ease with which he could buy: all he had to do was to scan the bar code using a smartphone application with stored credit card information.

As he approached the exit, another glass door automatically opens to drop it.

It was Moby’s shop, launched by Wheelys, centralized commissioning based in Stockholm. Initially focused on making coffee that can be moved from one place to another on the bike, the company is testing an open 24/24 shop model in its entirety by technology.
The Moby store is an unmanned store that can be moved from one place to another.

Purchases are made using an application to scan a bar code and pay through the phone.
Its testing site is located on the campus of Hefei University, about 450 kilometers west of Shanghai, where Wheelys works with the master in the backbone technology of the stores.

Li, who is not working on this research, saw the vehicle crossing the campus with a friend and decided to try. There have been questions about how the store can handle many people while shopping together and how it will prevent theft. “There’s a huge influx of people right after school,” Li said.

Unlike taxis and hospitality, who are experiencing a change in China, as they are all over the world by transport companies and shared houses like Uber and Airbnb, brick and mortar retail n has yet to experience a Important technological change.

Amazon, however, is testing a similar free shopping concept in its Amazon GB store for Seattle employees (see “Amazon grocery has no single payment”).
Wheelys cofundateurs decided to try China instead of Sweden, partly because of the large Chinese population, but more because of the country’s almost ubiquitous adoption by paying for their phone.

About 60 percent of the 175 million transactions a day processed by the Chinese company Alipay online payments in 2016 were made by mobile phone, better than the effective Alliance.

Combined with rising rents and wages in many places, it becomes more expensive to maintain than small businesses. Bo Wu, who oversees Wheelys operations in Shanghai, said he has received many inquiries from top supermarket owners looking to gain a competitive advantage by becoming unmanned.

With the relocation of its research department and development and design department from Sweden to China. It also locates Himalafy, a telephony company that focuses on the development of automated warehouse system in China.

One of cofonders, by Cromwell, indicates that the next step for Wheelys is to improve the technology that drives its mobile bus. Security is a great aspect.

For this Wheelys worked with Hefei University to develop a system that includes customer biometrics, including the method works because it scans the QR code and uses sensors on the shelves to detect the extraction of the elements.

Buyers must register in advance for an account. Once an article has been deleted, it relates to customer identification in the smartphone application to prevent theft.

As America’s Trapped In Ideological Civil War, China Advances Economy

As America's Trapped In Ideological Civil War, China Advances Economy

As America’s Trapped In Ideological Civil War, China Advances Economy

While the United States engage in an ideological civil war over the role of government in the economy, China has continued to advance its economy under a stable, yet authoritarian, regime.

Many analysts have pointed out that China has the opportunity to become a world leader on several fronts: economy, international relations, environment, while America’s legislative power stops and legislation adopted in the United States and China ended when The president assumed the position Trump could not throw it in a more pronounced relief.

America, polarized and paralyzed

Economically, the United States divides itself into supporters of Trump, who advocate privatization of markets and public goods, including national monuments, Medicare air traffic control and infrastructure.

Trump supporters also support policies that focus on reducing trade and redistributing jobs. On the other hand, Trump opponents, who support accessible medical care, free trade, environmental protection, the creation of jobs in the “green” sector. Donald Trump has acted as a flash of this polarization controversy, which resulted in national legislative congestion and discontent.

How many types of trade, after all, was adopted during the Trump government? Nothing is really meaningful.

Trump has issued executive orders that have an impact on the economy, including a countervailing duty order, which were implemented in Chinese steel imports last year, one can afford offshore drilling and an order for the government to United States to buy and hire more American workers and products. None of these are considered important, which would require the approval of the Legislature.

China, loading speed

But Trump since the opening date of January 20 this year, the various departments of the Chinese government have passed hundreds of minor measures and several major economic measures, including measures to be a major financing to promote services exports Of high value added, that regulate the management of dangerous assets, changing the evaluation of the exchange rate, the strengthening of policies of excess capacity and the reform of public companies, among others.

These are the major and economic changes that reflect China’s determination to restructure its economy while controlling risk. In addition, the policy of A strap of a China road, which aims to build infrastructure in Europe, Asia and Africa will have a significant economic impact in China and the world, the United States plays a supporting role rather than leader. …………………………………….. ….




As we all know, Australia has a long list of animals, insects and even plants that could kill us. From blue rock to octopus to the great white shark, Australia is a land of poison, sting and sting, home to some of the world’s most deadly and dangerous wildlife.

Travel a few million years and Australia was even more dangerous. The mega-fauna and flora, the enormous birds and the terrifying reptiles have littered the Australian landscape.

Not surprisingly, Palaeontologists at Flinders University revealed that Australia was home to at least five species of giant birds. One of these birds was a turkey the size of an adult gray kangaroo floating in the treetops.

“It was quite surprising because, previously, we suspected that there were maybe one or two extinct species whose identity was uncertain, we found out that there were five different species in Australia before the ‘ Arrival of human beings on the continent, “said lead author of Research and Ph.D. at Flinders University Elen Shute said.

The extinction of Megapode lived in Australia more than 10,000 years ago. Unlike their gigantic flying cousins, the turkey had the ability to fly because of their fine bone structure (they weighed only 8 kilograms).

According to the researchers, despite their “nuggety” bodies, these turkeys will roll in the treetops. This could be because they lacked feet capable of digging mounds like their modern loved ones. They were most likely omnivores feasting on plants, small reptiles and insects.

The study published in the Journal of the Royal Society Open Science explains the diversity of giant birds:

“These discoveries are quite remarkable because they tell us that more than half of the Australian megapods disappeared during the Pleistocene,” says lead author Elen Shute.

The discovery of new species of birds came after the fossils found in Curramulka Quarry in southern Australia in 1990 were further analyzed. The results of the team revealed the three new species ……….

Study confirms lightning more powerful over ocean than land

Study confirms lightning more powerful over ocean than land

Study confirms lightning more powerful over ocean than land

People who live and work along the coasts and coasts of the world may be more susceptible to supercharged lightning, according to new research from the Florida Institute of Technology shows that lightning can be much more potent ocean than on land.

Amitabh Nag, an assistant professor of physical and space sciences in Florida, and Kenneth L. Cummins, a professor of technology research at Florida and the University of Arizona, recently published “The Negative Characteristics of Early Drivers In the breeze on land and the ocean “in the geophysical research charts of the American Geophysical Union.

Scientists analyzed parts of their coast data using Florida and provided by US lightning detection. National Network.

Some earlier indirect observations have led scientists and others believe that seawater strikes tend to be more potent, but the Nag and Cummins study represents the first time an independent measure validated these beliefs.

Lightning scientists break every cloud to ground strikes in threads to better understand how it formed. Many physics are packed in a second fractions of the time when particles charged in cloud shadows are formed in the descendants of electricity channels “Attach” to the charge-responsible electric channels, which rise from the ground Or water to form the familiar zigzag pin.

During its study, which measures current peak of several Earth-to-Earth beam of clouds and oceans from 2013 to 2015, Nag and Cummins have calculated the duration of the “negative leader” – the electric channel reaching below a Storm cloud

When this head hits the ground, a surge, typically with a peak value of approximately 30 kilos amperes, flows upward into the cloud. The duration of the negative leaders of the ocean was considerably shorter than that of the land, indicating that they must bear more costs. This leads to an increase in the highest current of the earth.

Nag and Cummins have found that with water strikes in West Florida, the average length of time was 17 percent lower compared to the ocean than on land, and in East Florida, the median was 21 and 39 percent shorter in two oceanic regions on land.

Using a relationship between leader length and peak lightning current derived in this study, the authors estimate that lightning with peak currents of more than 50 kilos of amps is twice as likely to occur in ocean storms.

These results suggest that people living in or near them are more likely to suffer damage if enlightening storms develop over the oceans and move ashore.

This new understanding of lightning’s nature could inform how offshore infrastructure and ships should be built to minimize the risk of super-powerful thunderstorms formed over the sea.

Five Quick Tips For beauty services at home in Mumbai


The beauty services in the Mumbai at home is increases by the great facility of the beauty services. You will get the ultimate beauty by using many of the beauty tips and tricks.


There are the 5 quick tips for beauty services at home in Mumbai.


  • You can look gorgeous by making the mixture of liquid bronzer with a firming body cream, and then massage it into your arms to get the tan and toned. You can remove pimple from your face by applying a yellow-based cover-up to counteract the redness, use a concealer brush to pat it on precisely, then blend the edges with your ring finger.


  • If you want to make your cheeks sweet, then use should use the foxy flush with a deep berry powder blush and use a fluffy brush to swirl it in small, circular motion over the apples of your cheeks and back toward your hairline. A glittery accessory adds instant glamour to any hairstyle. If you forget to bring one to work, use a brooch from your sweater.


  • For make the gorgeous glow of your face, use the foundation with one part liquid illuminator, and then use your fingertips to massage it all over your face. Apply the creamy concealer onto your lids and into the inner corners of your eyes before doing makeup on eyes.


  • If you want to make perfect leg, so use smooth baby oil onto your legs before you taken the razor to them. Do the manicure of your hands by slick a shiny and clear top coat over.


  • You can use sturdy plastic spoon instead to flip up your eye fringe. To make the shiny nose left your powder compact at home.



IN NEGATIVE ZONE: Britain’s inflation rate unex­pectedly fell below zero for the first time in more than half a century, as the drop in the food and energy prices depressed the cost of living. Consumer prices de­clined 0.1 per cent in April from a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics said. Economists had forecast the rate to be zero, according to the median of 35 estimates in a news survey. Core inflation slowed to 0.8 per cent, the lowest since 2001. With inflation so far below the Bank o: England’s 2 per cent target, policy makers are under pres­sure to raise the key interest rate from a record-low of 0.5 per cent for now. Governor Mark Carney said any period falling prices will be temporary and an expected pickup i: inflation at the end of the year means the next move in bo: rowing costs is likely to be an increase.

Britain in the event

I LEGAL TROUBLE: Alibaba has

been sued by Kering, a luxury brands group that includes Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, over counterfeits on its popular e-commerce platforms. The lawsuit, filed in New York, alleges that Alibaba and its related companies “know­ingly encourage, assist, and profit from the sale of counterfeits on their online platforms…(and) make it possible for an army of counterfeiters to sell their illegal wares throughout the world”. Counterfeits have long been a headache for Alibaba, which operates China’s most popular e- commerce shopping platforms Taobao and Tmall. Co-founder Jack Ma has even called fakes a “cancer” to the company.


SMART BATTLE: Apple was handed a mixed === ruling by a US appeals court in the latest twist in a blockbuster intellectual property battle with Samsung Electronics, as a prior patent infringement verdict was upheld but a trademark finding that the iPhone’s appearance could be protected was thrown out. That means up to 40 per cent of a $930-mil- lion verdict, which had been won by Apple, must be reconsidered. In the ruling stemming from the global smartphone wars, the Federal Circuit in Washington upheld patent infringement violations including one which protects the shape and colour of its iPhone as well as the damages awarded for those violations.
QUID PRO QUO: Greece is

near a cash-for-reforms deal with its euro zone partners and the International Monetary Fund that would help it meet debt repayments next month, the country’s finance minister said, as worries persist over a possible bankruptcy. Athens has been defending its “red lines” in talks with lenders, refusing to yield on further pension cuts and more labour maket liberalisation to clinch a deal that would release remaining bailout aid, despite a pressing cash crunch. “I think, we are very close (to a deal)… let’s say in a week,” Greece finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said. “Another currency is not on our radar, not in our thoughts.”

TOTAL RECALL :Takata is nearly doubling the size of its massive recall for faulty airbags, making it the largest auto recall in history. It recalled airbags used in about 18 million vehicles. This move will bring that number up to 34 million autos. That is nearly one out of every seven cars on US roads.

The recall is one of the largest consumer product recalls ever.

At least five deaths have been tied to the faulty airbags. But Takata has previously resisted demands by regulators to get all the affected airbags off the road. The airbags have been known to explode and send shrapnel into the face and body of both the driver and front seat passenger.