Chinese court sentences fugitive tycoon’s staff to prison

Chinese court sentences fugitive tycoon's staff to prison

Chinese court sentences fugitive tycoon’s staff to prison

A court in north China Friday condemned three employees working for billionaire fugitive property Guo Wengui, who has been caught in a political rivalry with the Communist Party in power.

The Dalian Xigang People’s Court announced prison terms of less than three years for employees who prosecutors said they had been ordered by Guo forgery of financial documents to obtain loans from a state bank. Two employees were sentenced to suspended terms, which means they can not exceed the last hours behind bars, while Beijing development company, Beijing Pangu Investment Co., also received a fine of 36 million.

The case has not called Guo as a defendant, but Chinese authorities have stepped up pressure against the runaway tyrant who vowed to expose sensitive information about key party officials unless government communications employees and family members in China .

Dalian The case was the first criminal case against Guo companies since China filed a motion in April with Interpol with a “red notice” for its worldwide detention. Chinese officials have indirectly accused Guo of a long list of alleged crimes, including conspiracy for superior intelligence to criticize a Beijing city official who had blocked a Pangu development project.

Guo, named Miles Kwok, fled China and now lives in a $ 68 million apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. He is a member of the Sea-to-Lake President station of Donald Trump Florida.

He cultivated a vast social media monitoring and made sensational, if not largely proven, accusations against his enemies and senior officials who direct journalists against the corruption of the watch party that investigated China abroad, which he said, Are part of a Chinese espionage network.

At the heart of Guo allegations, there have been allegations of misconduct and links between the family of permanent member of the Politburo Standing Committee Wang Qishan and the HNA Group, the conglomerate behind Hainan Airlines has closed a series of catchy acquisitions throughout the world. HNA announced Thursday it has filed a defamation suit against Guo.

In recent weeks, Guo has publicly suggested that he was in communication with senior party officials and found that his family members are allowed to leave China to visit briefly in New York, and noted that negotiations could be underway to put End to stagnation. Meanwhile, David Bies has been hired to represent him.

It is unclear whether Guo will continue its daily flow of revelations on YouTube and Twitter after the resolution of the Dalian case. He did not immediately respond to a request for commentary on the phrases, or under what conditions he would consider his fight with the party as a whole. Guo told the AP recently that his main goal was to get the release of his family and employees and identify their strengths in China – not to campaign to undermine the Communist Party.

In a report on the issue of Dalian, the official Xinhua news agency said investigators suspect other companies related to corruption, embezzlement, illegal detention and forced transactions, suggesting that the government collected additional evidence and could still File cases against other companies Guo.

Dalian verdict came shortly before Guo did an interview with a Chinese-language online media company based in New York, which had promised earlier, contains new explosive revelations.

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