Wall Fire in Butte County Swells to 5,600 Acres, Mandatory Evacuations in Place

Wall Fire in Butte County Swells to 5,600 Acres, Mandatory Evacuations in Place

Wall Fire in Butte County Swells to 5,600 Acres, Mandatory Evacuations in Place

About 4,000 people were evacuated and 7,400 people were asked to prepare to leave their homes as the fire swept the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, about 60 miles north of Sacramento, said Sunday the Department of Forestry and Protection Against fire in California.

The wall of fire has burned about 4 square miles, four firefighters injured and destroyed at least 10 structures, but this figure should increase, said fire spokeswoman Mary Ann Aldrich.

The burning zone was southeast of Oroville, where spillways in the nation’s highest dam began to collapse in the heavy rains this winter and led to temporary evacuation orders for 200,000 downstream inhabitants.

“That leaves you feeling like you could not take a break,” said Sharon Reitan, who sought refuge at an evacuation center with her boyfriend Sunday night.

They were in Oroville on Friday afternoon, when the fire and the roads of their hill house were blocked. Later he saw photographs of his house reduced to ashes.

“The road on which we live has been hard hit,” Reitan said. “We’re in stop mode right now, it’s so devastating.”

Fire was contained by 20%. It was one of 14 forest fires in California, including about 5,000 firefighters fighting Sunday.

Cal Fire has not determined the cause of the fire.
Persons wishing to obtain more information about fire may call 530-538-7826.
These are areas that are subject to 10-hour evacuation orders. Sunday:
These are areas that are subject to evacuation warnings of 10 p.m. Sunday:
All areas west of Miners Ranch Rd. And Dr. Dunstone Road. 162 Grubbs Rd.
Just north of Alto Palermo Rd. In Grubbs Grubbs Road to Road to Dunstone Dr.

All roads / areas along Foothill Blvd. On Golden Bangor Road. On Golden Bangor Road. At the bottom of Wyandotte Rd, continuing south on the lower Wyandotte Road. At the intersection of Palermo’s upper street and the way in Grubbs, it encompasses everything on the West Bangor Road.

All roads / areas east of the Bangor Gold Road. On Foothill Blvd. On Pinedale Avenue, Pinedale Avenue, north of Edgewood Dr., north avenue of Hilldale, west of the road. 162.
All paths / areas along Glen Dr. Gold prey dam. Gold is Quincy Road. And just east of Glen Dr.

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